About Me - Stephan Schneider

When I was eight years old, I got my very first camera for Christmas. It was a small point & shoot camera, just right for a young boy to take snapshots and to instill in him a growing interest in photography. When, in my early twenties and after finishing my education, I decided to save up money for travelling, one of the preparations for the upcoming trip was to upgrade my camera. It was during that trip - a year of backpacking through South East Asia - that photography did become a hobby.

   Twenty years later, photography entered a completely new dimension, at least for the hobbyist. With the introduction of digital cameras and powerful photo editing software for home computers, the amateur photographer suddenly had full control over his pictures, including post processing and editing, something he previously only could do through his printing shop or by investing into his own darkroom.

   Looking back, I can also see that the quality of my picture taking has tremendously increased since I made the switch to digital photography. The reason for this is probably purely commercial. Digital cameras allow the photographer to take as many pictures as he likes, with no increase in cost. Taking more pictures means an increase in experience and over time also an increase in your personal standards in judging your own pictures.

   I hope you enjoy the photos shown in my galleries here. Feel free to leave comments or use the "Contact" feature to send me an e-mail if you are interested in making personal or commercial use of a particular picture. Thank you for visiting!

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